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Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Cleansing Day (+ 0.3 Pounds)

Yesterday I started my cleansing process. I actually have a few different types of cleansing that I do, but the one I started yesterday was a juice cleansing. This consisted of flooding your body with nothing but pure juice and water. I drank 2 eight ounces of Pomengrante juice and 6 cups of water (32+16 ounces = 48 ounces). I also had about 8 (green / black) grapes. I was really proud of myself and I didn't get hungry at all yesterday either. Awesome!

I exercised for 1 hour and 10 munutes yesterday. I ran on the stairclimber for 1 hour (5.10 miles mostly at level 11 and resistance 4). Precor EFX.

I did 60 ball situps.

I did 20 side jumps (jumped on and over a weight bench with one foot, bend down with one foot still on it and jump back across). I also did 10 ball situps (for some reason this time I couldn't seem to stay on the ball. lol).

That is all I did yesterday. I think my weight seems like it stayed the same because of what I did the day before on my off day.. Ah Well!! Today is another cleansing day.. I am SOOO not looking forward to it!



Calorie Intake:     130
Calories Burned:  590

Day 3 - 165.5 pounds - 57 days remaining

(-4.5 pounds)

** 1 DAY AT A TIME **

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Off Day

Yesterday was my off day. I am doing TWO off days per week and I am going to switch them up because I don't want my body to get used to the same routine all the time. Therefore, I did NOT exercise AND I ate Pancakes yesterday for breakfast. For lunch, I didn't have anything and for dinner I had Strawberry applesauce. I did NOT weight myself so I have no idea what my weight was for yesterday. I did drink 6 eight ounce glasses of water. I also had 10 grapes for a snack.

This morning though, I will be going to the gym and starting my cleansing plan for the week. Each week I will cleanse ATLEAST 2 days per week. Because as mentioned before, I don't want to get my body used to the same thing over and over. Therefore, some weeks I may cleanse a week, some week I may cleanse 2 days. I am SOO not looking forward to this cleansing today, but, I gotta do what I gotta do.

So, that's my entry for yesterday. See ya either later today or tomorrow to update you with how the cleansing went througout the day today.


Day 2 - ??  pounds - 58 days remaining


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 1 - I DID IT! (- 4.8 pounds)

Yesterday was very challenging for me. I started the day off craving SWEETS! I thought to myself, "Oh NO, not this soon". I tried to fight off the craving, but, to no avail I was succomed by my own weakness. I drove to the grocery store and intended to get something sweet, but I forced myself to get what I needed.

This is what I purchased: Green grapes, Black Grapes, Bananas, Pomengrante Blueberry Juice, Pineapple Mango Juice, Cottage Cheese, 2 lbs of Yoplait Plain Yogurt and Strawberry Apple Sauce.

I was so tempted to stop on an aisle that had this new kind of little debbie cake. It is like a chocolate dutch cookie, topped with a big marshmallow and all covered in this white chocolate. O-M-G. I think I stared at this box (which was marked down for Easter by the way) for about 5 minutes. I looked at the calories, I looked at the fat, I looked at how many servings and I found out that it had 300 calories approximately per cookie/cake. I tried to reason with myself, thinking how much I could work out to get rid of that, but I figured it wasn't worth it finally. Whew! I did, however, come up on some gummy bears. Hey, I figure gummy bears are like 0 fat calories, I don't look at the other calories (for this time anyway). So I hurriedly put them in my cart and zoomed to check out.

Unfortunately, I ate EVERY SINGLE gummy bear. :( I know, I suck. I also didn't eat breakfast yesterday because I didn't have any breakfast food (basically I did, I just was feeling REALLY lazy yesterday). So, I didn't eat breakfast at all. It is crazy though because I didn't feel hungry at all througout the day. I guess after all those gummy bears I shouldn't feel hungry huh?  For dinner, I ate about 10-12 Shrimp (non breaded kind) and potato chunks (about 3 small round potato balls). And that is all I had to eat yesterday.

But, after I ate dinner, I went to the gym and worked out for approximately 72 minutes. I walked / jogged on the treadmill for 60 minutes and I did 4.20 miles. I try to do ATLEAST 4 miles in one hour. When I worked out a lot, i used to run 3 miles in 35 minutes. So I am inching my way back to that, slowly but surely. After the treadmill, I sat on a huge ball and did 60 situps (hurt like hell) and 20 side bends on the ball (hurt equally like hell). Then I did 20 ball pushups (I thought my stomach would fall out).

Ball pushups may not be familiar to a lot of people but I will explain what they are. Basically, take one of those huge work out balls and put it on the side of a weight lifting bench. Place your hands on the bench and prop both feet up on the ball until you are at a perfect straight line. Then start doing your push ups. You have to work harder at these because you are working out your abs by balancing yourself on the ball while doing the push ups. (If you do it right you will know and feel it on push up number 3).

That's it for the first day. I hope I do well for today, I really want to meet my goal. Or atleast lose half of that. Which ever is fine with me!


Day 1 - 165.2 pounds - 59 days remaining

(-4.8 pounds)
** 1 DAY AT A TIME **

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My first weight loss day starts .... TOMORROW (officially)!

I am soo tired of feeling frumpy and not able to fit into any clothes. I am eager to start my weight loss plan. This is a weight loss plan that I have created myself. I have taken several Health and Nutrition classes on a collegiate level and I have taken notes on what I need to do to improve my diet. I need to be able to successfully stick with whatever plan I have for 60 days ... again SIXTY DAYS!! Really, I don't know and I am a little nervous about how this will happen for me since I kind of have a problem with sticking with one thing. I get bored REALLY easily and when it comes to weight loss, I know I am going to have to try REALLY REALLY hard to stick with it. I will do my very best and that is all I can say about that.

Well, I will start off by saying why I want to lose 60 pounds. Currently I am approximately 170 pounds, I am 5'5" tall and I have a short neck. I am not super fat or anything, I am just not used to seeing myself look like this. Based on a random height to weight chart, my target weight is somewhere between 120 pounds to 140 pounds. I am personally shooting for 120 pounds. A little about my background: I have grown up very active in sports and dance teams. I would rather dance or play sports rather than eat. The most I have ever weighed from Junior High School to College has been 135 pounds. At 135 pounds, I thought I was the fattest person I had ever seen. I would cry every day thinking that I was fat, so then I would exercise everyday, all day until I lost the necessary weight. Well, as time went on and I began to not have time to be as active as I used to. I used to run track, play volleyball, football, soccer, ballet, karate, swimming, tennis, kickball, cheerleading, dance, drill team, etc.. Anything that was active, you could count me in. Now, I have multiple jobs and I have not been able to concentrate on my weight like I would want to. Thus, spare tires have accumulated around my waist.

Now, I am tired of sitting at my computer and having my stomach REST on my lap. I am ready to make a change. As the saying goes, "nothing to it but to do it". How hard does that sound? Pretty easy to me. So, bright and early tomorrow, I begin my quest to loose 50 pounds in 60 days. I hope I have some followers, if not, I have no problem doing it on my own.


Day 0 - 170 pounds  - 60 days remaining

** 1 DAY AT A TIME **